Woman Catches Her Boyfriend Cheating On Facebook

Facebooking may be a great way to meet strangers but it could also give you the shock of your life. That's what happened with Michelle Westby, 21, when she looked at a stranger's photos on Facebook only to find her own boyfriend cheating. The receptionist and part-time model had clicked on fellow model Toni Colville's album to get ideas for her fashion poses, reports the Sun.

She then decided to take a peek at Toni's holiday photos and discovered images of her cuddling Jason Jennings-Brown, 23, who Michelle had been dating for six months.

Through the social networking site, Michelle got to know that the love rat had been two-timing her with unsuspecting Toni, 21.

And Michelle, from Stevenage, Herts, fears he may have duped other women.

She said: "Toni had some great pictures. Scrolling through them I saw she had an album entitled 'Holiday in Egypt', which I opened. I admit looking at the personal pictures was sheer nosiness, but what else is Facebook for?

"Clicking through them my hand suddenly froze over the mouse. Staring back was my boyfriend, Jason, with his arms around this pretty stranger.

She added: "I felt sick and couldn't believe it. What are the chances of looking at a total stranger's pictures and seeing your boyfriend cheating in them?"