Tips To Catch Cheating Boyfriend On MySpace Social Network

MySpace remains one of the most popular social networking sites on the internet next to Facebook. While it can be a great way to keep up with friends, it can also be a way for people to hook up in terms of dating and starting relationships. Many people even find old flames on MySpace. Are you finding suspicious comments on your boyfriend's MySpace page?

Have you noticed a new person leaving comments on a daily basis or more often than usual? There is a difference between funny comments and ones that are blatantly flirtatious. Before you lose your cool, you can go through the comments on both your boyfriend's page as well as the person leaving them. If the person leaving the comments has their profile set to private, there really isn't much you can do. At least you have what they have written as evidence.

The next thing you want to do is examine the comments and be sure that you are not mistaken them for more than they really are. If you feel sure that they are too flirtatious then it is a good idea to keep them as evidence. You can do this by taking screenshots of your boyfriend's comments and saving them on the computer.

I know it may sound like you are spying or doing something secretive behind his back but if he is cheating on you, don't you want proof? After you have saved screenshots of those comments, you have a few more options to consider:

1. You can take the evidence you have and immediately confront him about it.
2. You can continue collecting evidence such as text messages, voicemails, etc.
3. Learn how to spy on him using his computer, read deleted text messages, as well as know exactly what to say when you're ready to confront him.