Kelis Blasts Nas On Cheating

Kelis Blasts Nas on Cheating

Nas and Kelis

The singer and pregnant wife of hip hop's Nas is blasting men who cheat on their wives on Twitter.

Kelis, who is divorcing Nas, is blasting men who cheat on Twitter, leading many followers to believe that cheating must be the reason for the couple's sudden divorce.

Kelis took to her twitter page to put soon to be ex-husband Nas on full blast. She encourages more women who are victims of infidelity to blame the husbands more than the other woman; while also saying that both parties are "stupid and pitiful".

For Kelis' part her and her lawyer are fighting claims that she starred in her very own sex tape claiming the infamous, "it wasn't me" story. So until she proves beyond a doubt it wasn't her, sympathy on Nas' infidelity will be hard to come by. We need all the facts to make a full judgement, right?

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Kelis Twitters: "This lovely day I would like to touch on cheaters. Super brief! Why be cowardly? Why not go after what you really want? Do people know what they want? Probably not which just goes into know and respecting ones self. Also we can discuss whores I mean the nasty subpar tricks that participate in the cheating. Well let me say this, both parties are gross. And in reality they deserve each other."

"All the scum bag coward husbands and the less then impressive sluts unite! You can all go down in flames together! Hooray! Who's disgusted and bitter? Not I said the cat!"

"I have no patients for any of it but the problem is women usually blame the women. I am here to say the husband is way more at fault, now of course the woman/women who partake are stupid and pitiful. An honestly I will say its expected from younger girls 23 and under, but after that I do think as women we need to take more responsibility. Men are driven by something different then we are."

What do you think - did Nas cheat on Kelis?