My Boyfriend is Cheating on Facebook.....

True Story by Carla...

"I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me by reading his facebook account. He had messages from one girl in particular saying she couldnt wait to get back in bed with him.

I confronted him and told him he did not log out and that was how i saw! he wormed his way around it saying it was a one off. I let him off. A few months later, i started to doubt him.

So i checked his facebook account. He had copied and pasted an email to random girls in the area saying how he hoped they didn't mind but that he thought they were really pretty.

Some girls just said thanks, others said sorry they were married etc but a few have responded. One in particular who has responded to my partner and they have sent a few emails back and forth- my boyfriend has told them he is single, and they are arranging to meet up this weekend and go for a meal or for a drink!!

I am stuck as while i am furious and want to dump him, I am worried of the reaction as I do love him and hacking into his private account is wrong and will make him angry.

Unfortunately I am away this weekend- convenient for him!! so not sure if i should say before and not care what he thinks of me going into his personal account or also should i wait and see if they do actually meet up and read the emails on my return??"