Osagie Ogbeide of Pearland Texas Cheating on His Girlfriend with Maryann Dirden...A Married Woman

Osagie Ogbeide Caught

Osagie Ogbeide moved to Pearland, Texas in the Spring of 2008 to live in the new house of a married woman by the name of Maryann Dirden-Kyari that he is currently having an adulterous relationship with. There has been lots of talk in the Nigerian community in Houston about this ongoing relationship……….and we have noticed quite a buzz on a few Nigerian Online Forums regarding these two pairs.

Basically, the story is that Maryann Dirden and Osagie Ogbeide were having an adulterous relationship with one another for over 5 years without her husband’s or family or friends knowledge. They tried to keep things on the down-low, but as they say…… can never keep ’secrets’ forever.

Osagie Ogbeide and Maryann Dirden moved to Pearland, Texas together……..and according from reports we hear in Pearland, Texas from other residences that are there and are familiar with the story, Maryann’s husband bought the Pearland Texas home as a second house for their matrimonial use, but Maryann Dirden then subsequently moved Osagie Ogbeide into the house. Maryann’s husband may not know of this because he resides full time in Toronto Canada and usually travels once in a while to the US, and Maryann visits their Toronto home often according to sources. The first house that Maryann Dirden has with her husband is in Canada. Her husband resides in Canada and does not seem to know what his wife has been up to.

Maryann has created a second fraudulent life whereby she seems to have alluded to people that Osagie Ogbeide is her man/husband. Osagie Ogbeide and Maryann Dirden have led even his family into believing that she’s a single woman. Osagie Ogbeide’s family do not know that Maryann Dirden has a history of being a con artist, living double-live, having a promiscuous life by sleeping with men, and has a penchant for lying.

A Nigerian woman living in Pearland, Texas said it best that, "if Maryann’s husband were to find out that Maryann Dirden has her "lover" living in their matrimonial home, then he has the right to have Osagie Ogbeide barred from living in that house or coming close to the premises." The woman was utterly shocked that a married woman would do such a thing and be so bold as to disrespect a husband and family like that.

The woman went on to say that,"In Nigeria, where I come from, Maryann Dirden would be thrashed, called an outcast, looked down upon, and no man would ever want a woman who sleeps around or steals from her husband or family".

Maryann Dirden, A Registered ICU Nurse at MD Anderson Cancer Center, has also been observed dating other men while she was in Maryland by people who lived in her previous neighborhood of SandyPoint Court.

Osagie Ogbeide has an interesting background, is himself a Nigerian from Edo tribe….. and people who know him from Hayward, California and the Washington DC/Maryland area have always been suspicious of his activities in their neighborhoods. Maryann Dirden and Osagie Ogbeide may well be partners in crime when it comes to fraud.

What fraud are we talking about? Well, we are talking about:

* Marital Fraud
* Bank Fraud
* Credit Card Fraud
* Check Fraud
* 419 Fraud/Scams