Maryann Dirden Caught Cheating on Husband

If our readers recall, we profiled Maryann Dirden and Osagie Ogbedie a few months back. Osagie Ogbeide was caught cheating on a girlfriend with a married woman by the name of Maryann Dirden (aka Maryann Dirden-Sonaike, Maryann Dirden-Kyari). Maryann in the same note was lying to her husband, friends and family about what she was really doing in the state of Maryland. Maryann Dirden was in Maryland living a promiscuous life, though she led her husband to believe she was away from their home in Toronto working as a travel nurse.

Maryann Dirden created a "fraudulent" second life for herself in Maryland by having a "lover", then embracing a new circle of friends of mostly Nigerian background. She also befriended many friends and family members of Osagie Ogbeide. These circle of friends may or may not be fully aware of Maryann Dirden's true colors. Maryann Dirden may have siphoned almost USD $1million in marital assets she has with her husband in Canada and may have defrauded Canadian and American financial institutions of over USD $100,000.

In light of the rampant infidelity that we see happening nowadays and even with high profile public learn that looks truly can be deceiving.

Now we have gotten additional photos that Maryann Dirden posted herself on several "swingers" websites. Maryann Dirden seems to live an active "swinger" lifestyle, dates a variety of men and women, and participates in very graphic sexual acts and orgies. We shall refrain from showing those very graphic pics, but will provide you with links to photos of Maryann Dirden at a Houston, Texas swingers party. Click on the links below:

Maryann Dirden at Houston, Texas Swingers Party

Maryann Dirden at Houston, Texas Swingers Party - part 2

Maryann Dirden at Houston, Texas Swingers Party - part 3

Maryann Dirden at Houston, Texas Swingers Party - part 4

Maryann Dirden at Houston Texas Swingers Party - part 5